Beyond Today’s Challenges

A new year always comes with new challenges AND opportunities. And you may not always be able to see opportunities as they appear, let alone be able to overturn challenges into opportunities. Nevertheless, try to look beyond today’s challenges.

Look at things from another perspective through a different lens or taking a step back. Then I am pretty sure you find yourself looking at the solution on the horizon. Then it’s merely a matter for you to figure out how to get there!? This depends among others on your own creativity & flexibility as well as the way that your brain is programmed to thinking in solutions. You will not succeed every time, embrace setbacks and try again and again and again.

The world in which we are living in has had to bear significant challenges lately: Covid-19, sinkholes, economy shutdowns, quarantines, climate change and most recently the insurrection of the US senate. ‘Just’ to name a few. The ramifications are big, from countries’ expenditure to help industries survive to families trying to feed their kids.

Processing industry

For the conventional meat industry (beef, pork, chicken protein etc.) the effects are significant too. Industry scandals are numerous; think of pathogen contaminations, bird flu (H5N1 strain), swine fever and an increasing population (driven by Millennials and GenZ) that demand cruelty-free food (‘meat’) on their plates. This is one of the reasons that many meat processors are switching to offering plant-based food options, on grounds of FOMO (so-called ‘fear of missing out’).

What 2021 will bring

I expect that more and more affordable plant-based items are launched. UK retail giant Tesco has recently set her target to sell four times as much ‘vegan meat’ by 2025 – read this article.  Besides, these vegetarian/vegan options will show lower price levels across the board. Through consolidation & widespread economies of scale, the plant-based category will gain additional market share over (read: at the expense of) traditional meat aisles.

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