Key ingredients & a recipe

You own the recipe… 

If you make bread or pizza you basically need four ingredients, i.e. wheat flour, baker’s yeast, salt & water. You can add a little herb or use egg instead of water. Whatever or however you make it, is up to you. You own the recipe!

Now, don’t expect to walk away with a new recipe after this blog post. As soon as you reached this paragraph, I already succeeded in grabbing your attention anyway. Thank you!

Recipe of life

Now take a step back and think back about the first paragraph. Life & career have all the ingredients to it. There are ample studies to follow, loads of jobs to go for or opportunities in this country to set up your own business. All that matters, is your conviction and intrinsic motivation to make something of it. In other words, the recipe is there. Always has been. All it needs is proper preparation, your devotion and love being put into it. In the case of baking the pizza, you may end up with a crunchy crust or a black top. Then you may not have paid close enough attention to the recipe. You may have missed some details?! That doesn’t matter, it’s ok. In fact, see it as an opportunity to improve. If you pay close attention, it probably will not happen again. 

There are less fortunate people, who cannot create their own recipe. Their recipe is (re)designed for them. Always bear that in mind!

Different lenses

The way how we look at the result differs per person. Some may judge the bread or pizza as a materialistic good that they own. Some cherish the creative moment of spending time in the kitchen creating a culinary masterpiece. Others crave the moment they set their teeth into the succulent slice of pizza or tasty bread roll. We all look through different lenses and interpret life differently. The one is not better than the other, or vice versa. 


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