What a thrill, on Capitol Hill

My blog posts are supposed to be containing food-related content, you’re right. However, I can’t help but think that my attention was predominantly focused on the situation in the US last week. What a thrill, on Capitol Hill.

‘The Swamp’

In the run-up to the senate elections I watched the documentary called The Swamp last week. The title refers to Donald Trump’s 2016 electoral promise to ‘drain the swamp’ (US senate) in his first term as US president. The docu-film shares insight into how the senate was reformed and foremost how it functions (following three GOP senators). It is not my intention to conclude whether the US senate does or disfunctions. I just thought it was insightful in order to get a better understanding of the situation in the US in the weeks before the senate elections.

Trump’s march on Wednesday and the following revolt in the Capitol, left little room for imagination. It is said to be ‘one of the darkest days of US democracy’. And the rest of the world is jaw-droppingly watching, yes me too. The continuation of the vote approval process hours after the attack, is admirable. It was hopeful to see democrats and republicans sharing equal determination to fulfil their political duties.

What lies ahead

I hope we will be bored. Bored of the next US president who’s not constantly seeking attention. And I recall what an entrepreneur / podcaster said on his podcast last week. He said he was hoping to NOT hear ANYthing from the president other than a) State of the Union or b) him addressing the nation after a hurricane struck the country. Apparently, many people in the US are tired of a president who is daily rambling and stuffing the nation through multiple social media channels with news that smells like pooh.

The podcaster concluded saying, quote (never mind the strong language); “Mr President, shut the f*** up and govern the country’, end quote. It’s as simple as that!

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